Drills For Shooting Accurate and Fast!

Practical Pistol Skills

Practical Pistol Skills
$150 - 4 Hour Course

This class is designed for the person who wants to learn to shoot accurate, fast and learn practical skills with your pistol. You will be learning to be efficient with your movements and get shots on target FAST. This class is built for the competition shooter and defensive shooter alike, anyone who wants to shoot accurate and fast. We will be shooting at very small targets and very distant targets with our pistols, having the ability to hit exactly what you are aiming at, quickly, is the focus of this class.

You will leave this class with a copy of the drills we worked on throughout the day and the knowledge of what you need to work on to become a better shooter.

Skills taught in this class include:
  • Drawing the pistol
  • Aiming quickly, learning your acceptable sight picture.
  • Recoil control
  • Speed and emergency reloads
  • Multiple shots and multiple targets
  • Shooting on the move, moving and shooting
  • Skill building drills
What To Bring
  • Pistol and at least 4 mags (able to bring 50 rounds to the line with you at one time)
  • Proper Holster and Mag Pouches for your gun (must cover the trigger guard and retain mags when moving)
  • 4-500 rounds of ammo, more is better
  • Note taking material
  • Food and drink for a day of training
  • Dress for the weather (rain or shine)
  • An open mind (we all leave our ego in the car)
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