Professional, Experienced & Friendly Instructors

Firearm Training & Safety

SHOOT WITH CONFIDENCE - All Skill Levels Welcome

CCW Classroom

2.5 HOURS - $55

Basic firearms safety, operation, mindset, basic situational awareness and statutes of firearms in AZ.

CCW Classroom + Live Fire

6.5 HOURS - $175

Get your CCW + take the 4 hour Live Fire Course for only $175! Course fee INCLUDES FINGERPRINTS and completion of all DPS paperwork.

CCW Live Fire

4 Hours - $150

Introductory course for new shooters. Learn basic pistol skills and presentation from the holster.

Active Threat Response

4 HOURS - $150

Train to not be a victim! Learn the skill-sets to protect yourself and loved ones, should you be caught in an active Threat event.

Practical Pistol Skills

4 HOURS - $150

Work on the skills needed to enhance your Pistol skill set. Learn to shoot efficiently, accurately, fast and learn practical skills with your pistol.

Home Personal Protection

8 Hours - $250

Learn the basic skills and attitude essential to the to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family.

Defensive Shotgun

4 HOURS - $150

Learn speed and tactical loading, grip, stance, basic weapon manipulation, sighted and threat focused shooting - improve on the art of the shotgun.

Long Range Precision Rifle

4 Hours - $150

Precision shooting 200, 300, 500, 700 and unknown distance precision shooting. Bolt guns and gas guns are acceptable.

Defensive AR/AK

4 HOURS - $150

Core topics such as loading, reloading, malfunction drills, marksmanship and defensive shooting skills.

Intro To Competitive Shooting

8 HOURS - $200

Learn the basics of becoming a competitive shooter. Taught by an IDPA Pro shooter this 8 hr. class with have you ready to tackle that first competition.