Conceal Carry Classroom

CCW Classroom
$55 - 2.5 Hour Course

Carrying a firearm is your 2nd Amendment right, in doing so, we believe, it is also your responsibility to carry in a safe and educated manner. Our 2.5 hr Classroom only CCW covers basic firearms safety, basic firearms operation, mindset of the concealed carrier, basic situational awareness training and of course the ever changing statutes regarding carrying and defensive use of firearms here in Arizona.

Yes, AZ is a constitutional carry state, however, a AZ CCW allows the legal carry of a firearm into establishments that serve alcohol (if no signage is posted), carry in National Parks in AZ, eliminates the need for a background check when purchasing a new firearm and grants reciprocity to over 35 other states.

We also highly recommend that new gun owners look to combine this classroom only training with our 4 hr. CCW live fire training to further educate and familiarize themselves with the safe and effective use of their firearm.

Combine both the CCW Classroom and CCW Live Fire Training for only $175!!

Course fee INCLUDES FINGERPRINTS and filling out of all DPS paperwork. ($60 Money Order or Cashiers Check made out to AZDPS is the only outside cost to the student.)

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