Active Threat Response Training (A.T.R.T.)

Active Threat Response Training (A.T.R.T.)
$120 - 4 Hour Course

We live in an anyplace, anytime world nowadays, as it relates to violent threats that could impact us or our loved ones.  While we strive to stay ahead of these events, by employing situational awareness and other techniques, they are sometimes impossible to avoid.

This class is designed for the intermediate to experienced shooter and will introduce students to new skill sets that will help prepare them for active shooter and personal protection situations alike. We will cover drawing and engaging threats from standing, sitting and lying positions, working with a partner on the move, protecting your family while engaging and much more.

Join us, learn some new EDC practical skills and tilt the odds in your favor.  Because when BANG happens….It’s too late…

What To Bring
  • Semi-automatic pistol or revolver
  • 2 magazines (minimum) and speed loader (recommended) for semi-automatic pistol or 3 speed loaders (minimum) for revolver
  • Paddle or belt holster (Kydex or leather)
  • Magazine pouches (single or double)
  • Gun belt (a heavy duty belt designed to carry the weight of your weapon and magazines)
  • Required Ammunition: 300 rounds (brass, FMJ)
  • Ear protection – free rental available
  • Eye protection – free rental available
  • Baseball cap or hat (recommended for outdoor classes)
  • Hiking boots or athletic shoes (no open toed shoes or sandals)
  • Short or Long sleeve shirt (no tank-tops)
  • Medication: if your medication causes drowsiness or other negative side effects, DO NOT take them before or during a course. If you need to take them, please reschedule your course at a later date.
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