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Broken Arrow Firearms Training is an Veteran owned company based out of Chandler, Arizona, specializing in target focused training. Our mission is to develop our students’ skill-sets so they can defend themselves with a quick, automatic and accurate response. We provide courses for all skill levels, from first-time shooters to experienced military and law enforcement. All courses are taught by experienced professionals.

Firearms ownership comes with the responsibility to society, yourself, and all those around you that you be proficient in their use and knowledgeable in the law that governs their use.

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Great training for anyone who carries. You might have a weapon & can shoot it @ the range, but would you really know what do in a situation? With this class U will!


Broken Arrow is the real deal. Just completed the Active Shooter Course. The instructors have first hand real life experience. No matter your experience level you will learn a lot.


Took the 4 hour active shooter course today. Great instructors, excellent class. Will absolutely be attending additional classes with the crew at Broken Arrow. Thanks again!!

Professional and Discreet

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You can confidently rely on Broken Arrow to seamlessly integrate with your movements while providing unparalleled safety and personalized service. Contact us for more information.

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Defensive Shotgun
Introduction to AR
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Learn to Defend Yourself

planning | rally points | parking | seating | engage/evacuate | cover vs. concealment | reuniting

Due to the recent increase of Active Shooter events, it is essential to be ready with a tested
plan to protect the ones you love. Understand the skills necessary to live defensively.
Learn the best security options for common areas, workspace, dining and entertainment locations.

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